About us

I's no secret that French women have a bit of a je ne sais quoi, on them
that makes them look effortlessly chic, especially the Parisian ones. It is
because of that we decided to create SOMA CHIC, a company focused on elegant
French fashion.

Our philosophy is to bring the romantic, modern, and sophisticated style,
from the heart of Paris, for the rest of the world.

The authenticity and originality of our products distinguishes us, all our garments are designed in France, and we personally choose every single piece,
with the purpose of offering our clients a range of possibilities for all tastes, we
want our clients to perceive our brand as the great possibility of wearing high
quality Parisian pieces at reasonable prices.

Our brand is aimed at modern, elegant, sophisticated and at the same time
bohemian women, willing to have in their closet, Parisian clothes that allows them to have a modern, and sexy look that keeps the concept of a classy women.